Free Patient Materials

Designed to motivate your patients to ask you about BioPosture.

You will improve patient outcomes and increase the bottom line of your practice by offering BioPosture products. In order to succeed, we provide you materials to educate to your patients so that they will ask you to guide them in selecting their new mattress. Simply let us know what you need and we will ship it to you immediately. We make these available at no cost to you to give you a tool to start a conversation with your patients. This material is designed to motivate your patients to ask you about BioPosture. 

16 x 20 Self Stick Vinyl Wall Banner

This poster can be put up in your lobby area, waiting room, or in the patient exam rooms. It describes in detail the benefits of the BioPosture mattress.

Brochures and Acrylic Stand

Send your patients home with a brochure so they can learn about the benefits of BioPosture, when relaxed at home. The brochure describes in detail the benefits of sleeping on a BioPosture mattress and Pillows.

Two Sided Acrylic Mini Stand

This smaller display can be used on a small shelf. It comes with interchangeable messages.

Medium Size 11" X 14" Easel Poster

This fits well on a larger shelf area or on a table.


Your patients may be more interested in investing in a better night's sleep after watching this short video on BioPosture's Celliant fabric that converts and recycles lost body heat as infrared energy that supports circulation and helps reduce pain and inflammation. It's a continuing loop video on a DVD that you can use in w your waiting room area.